Four Simple Ideas for Web Video Production

There are numerous web video production and web design companies that are sprouting over the internet nowadays. Given that we already have Youtube, Facebook and all other multimedia websites, people now have a wider scope in expressing themselves and showing off their talents to bigger audience. But not everyone who publishes their videos and content online are successful in this venture they are into.

If you happen to notice, not all videos go viral and out of the million videos that are playing similar content, only a number reaches millions of people. The secret to this is it actually takes a great amount of passion in doing so. Here are some tips to follow.

1. Plan the outcome

If you want to have your web video production be successful like the others, you have to carefully look at every side of your content or story. Do not be in a rush like how others do it just to get the quantity of audience they want to get. Most often than not, you actually target the wrong audience at the wrong time and this might cause you to fail.

Think of how you will become unique out of the million videos in the internet. And don’t worry because even if it seems there are a lot of parodies out there, you surely have your own original ideas in mind. There is no such thing as saturation as for online content because each person thinks different from the other.

All you need to do is enhance your creativity by doing your own research first and write down the script of your web video that it can touch a great percentage of people. Variety and originality is the key to starting this up.

2. Know how people get engaged to web videos

Be fully aware that people get bored watching on a long video. A 10-minute video can be dragging and may end up losing your audience. The ideal length of a web video production would be 5 minutes or less. In those 5 minutes, you must be able to structure it out that you are able to be as informative as you want to be but less dragging by maybe showing animated and colourful videos.

You must also learn that most people surf the internet alone either on their home PCs’ or personal laptops. You must be able to create a video that can target different types of people given that a person could be watching your video alone or in a group and it can greatly affect how they perceive your video.

3. Be keen to detail

You don’t need to have a perfect web video production like how they do in movies but at least, you could do something out to have an output like a “pro”. Be mindful on noise backgrounds when you’re recording or the balance of lighting on record. It could be a little disturbing to the viewer especially if they hear different levels of sound due to poor editing in audio or because your microphone isn’t properly set up.

4. Engage your viewers

Most people are active in Facebook or in Twitter which might help you think to create your own account too and post updates regarding your videos. But it doesn’t work every time. Instead of shouting out a new video you released every day or week, try to be more engaging to your viewers. People get tired hearing sales pitches all the time; so instead of doing so, have a random post by asking questions or posting catchy quotes that makes them react or even comment. In this way, you have a common ground wherein you can engage to them in a more neutral way.

When they feel they can trust you, then they are more open to listening to you and exploring more on what you’ve got there in your videos.

So, these are just some of the simple tips on web video production that are easy to read but so hard to do. Remember, it always takes a lot of passion to be on the online world. Patience and hard work are all keys to help you get through it.

6 Tips for Making Great Explanation Videos that Actually Works

Not everyone is good at making explanation videos. There are those who have natural talents regarding technical matters but there are also those who need to be constantly guided. Not all people know how to use a computer or a camera. And not all people know what a video can do for a business or for an individual. So, this article will talk about the simple details or tips that a beginner can do to produce good videos to introduce a person, a product or service, or a company and its objectives.

An explanation video simply explains – just as its name implies. But taking a video of someone explaining something without proper organization of thoughts can break the goal of publicizing a person, product or service. That is why explanation video tips are necessary especially if you are new to this kind of dealing. Take time to read the tips below and see if they will work out for you:

Tip #01: Before you shoot your video, prepare the setting. Ask yourself if you are ready and if the place you are going to take the video is convenient and just right.

Tip #02: Decide what topic to talk about on the video and make a catchy title, one that would likely be searched online by viewers. This can be better called an “SEO” video. This is not illegal but this will certainly drive more traffic to your site.

Tip #03: Since it is your first time, you may feel a bit jittery. Control your jitters and stay relaxed. If you cram and feel nervous, it will show on your video and that will not be good even if you are talking about a very interesting topic. Your viewers will be more distracted with your reactions.

Tip #04: Do not rely on your memory alone. Use pen and paper – take notes on the things you want to discuss. Your brain may contain tons of information but they can be lost in a few seconds of tension. You cannot avoid being tensed or side-tracked when you speak so have a notepad with you but do not read it in front of your audience.

Tip #05: Limit the time of your video. If you are not speaking in a seminar, lessen your video time to at least one minute and at most five minutes. A very long video can bore your viewers and they will not finish the video most of the time then move on to another video. Remember, you are not the only one posting your videos on the internet.

Tip #06: Do not criticize other sites, people, product, service or company. That is a big taboo and your downfall in the eyes of your viewers. You must understand that not all viewers like what you offer. Expect viewers who are biased and full of themselves – that happens a lot. So be careful when mentoring a competitor.

These explanation video tips are your leverage to capturing your own video. You will not have to exhaust yourself answering questions every time. You can simply refer them to the site where you have posted your videos explaining the things these people are asking.

How to Increase Sales and Dominate Online Presence

In today’s world of technology, more and more people are moving towards getting socially active on the internet. Every household has one or more computers in their homes and even those tiny minicomputers in their pockets have the power to access internet anytime and anywhere they wish. With such great technical advancements, online business gets a little bit tough as competition rises to a higher level. This may become an advantage and as a disadvantage as well.  So if you are a business owner yourself, how do you maintain and cope up your standing in the market?

Study more about online marketing

Doing an explanation video for your business may be a new thing today. Your style of marketing towards your target market should be expanded to a higher level by going online. You can still hand out fliers and pay for costly advertisements on radio or TV, but you can now opt to go online and ask for a marketing service by making explanation videos. These videos can be as short as two minutes and could explain everything about your business. Customers nowadays are actually sick and tired of hearing sales pitches and would rather hear an honest and straight to the point answer. This may be the perfect time to shift on learning to use online marketing through catchy videos and the like.

Online impression

Social media has surely a big role in promoting your business. When you have an explanation video ready for your business, you might want to put it on to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Most of the bulk of your target market can be found there. And it is easier for you to filter a group of market you would want to focus on. And you have to make sure you do not stop just by making a video about your business, always have an online presence and interact with your customers or potential customers. This is a good way of showing that you actually care for them and not just using them to gain more money.

Effects of using online marketing

When you have a constant online presence, a good marketing strategy and a satisfying product or service, customers will surely be in to your business.  Remember, this may not work in an instant, but you will see results if you are patient enough to handle all of these.  You can always provide feedback from your customers as well to know what they think about your business and how you can improve it to serve them better. By then, you can again use an explanation video to make it clearer for them on how your business goes.

Your sales can actually double or even triple if you have the right strategy of explaining what your business is all about to your target market. Just by a simple explanation video, you might change the course of your business to a wider scope in the future.

Stand Out Through Animated Explanation Video

Are you tired of creating reports for your company with the usual common craft style video presentation? Do you get tired explaining in detail the subject matter of your report and then, your audience somehow, still has that blank and questioning look on their face? Is your report boring? Now, you can innovate and simplify your report through animated explanation videos.

This method of presentation has already gained a gradual popularity in various report presentations for business, academic and entertainment purposes. It is in fact an easy way to relay your message that you are trying to relay to your listeners or audience. Moreover, it motivates them further to listen and take heed attentively as the scripts, characters and animations throughout the video provide an engaging mood in the audience. Thus, the explanation video is the perfect avenue for your message to get through in an entertaining or engaging manner.

Its Features and Advantages

The main purpose of an explanation video is quite simple. It succinctly and comprehensively promotes your business, research, or your project in an easy manner which, at the same time, provides an entertaining way to learn more about the topic you are explaining or reporting.

It gives viewers or audience a brief idea about the whole concept of the business, website or topic.

Animated explanation video can provide versatile functions. It may be used for your business concern or for your academic presentation or it can even be used in your website so your visitors will know what your company is about by just simply viewing on the significant pictures, snippets and scripts that effectively represents the idea or message you are trying to relay.

Most people will just divert their attention from the presentation if in the first few minutes they will find it uninteresting. Thus, by providing an explanation video, the audience may instantly have a general idea of the idea or topic as presented.

It is the perfect form of innovation

Some presenters, speakers, or even web sites may find it difficult to express the nature of their business or job in its most comprehensive way most especially if it entails complex ideas and principles that is equally vital to be discussed or informed to the audience or visitor. Moreover, most people normally experience, in one way or the other, a form of attention deficiency syndrome as we do have shorter attention spans for things that would not so much interest us.

This method is an innovative way to address your business to your audience in a more entertaining and engaging light. In the case of explaining the dynamics of your business in a website, most people do ignore reading long text. The innovation is to compress the whole ideas of the long web text in a comprehensive picture or video that will enable visitors to instantly “get the point” of the whole intricacy.

It provides lasting impressions

Animated explanation video has the tendency to imprint a lasting effect on the audience or visitor’s mind about the message or the general idea of the whole concept of the business or website. It can create an effective way to communicate the idea to the visitors or the audience in such a way that it will not be easily dismissed or forgotten the same way we do when reading complex text.

Indeed, animated explanation video can be the best marketing tool for every company, a great teacher to best illustrate and explain the topic, and a great entertainer. You will never go wrong when you choose an animated explanation video for your business needs.